From water vapor to

drinking water.

The KuSui, named after the Japanese words for
"air" and
"water," is a water cooler that directly liquefies
water vapor
in the atmosphere to create drinking water.

"If there is humidity in the atmosphere, safe drinking
can be created anywhere on the planet."

The possibilities are endless with this ground-breaking

Product overview

Product code MIZUHA KuSui M-AWG-003 Ver.2022
Dimensions W: 450mm D: 430mm H: 1,150mm
Faucet height 935mm
Weight Approx. 60kg
Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption Approx. 2W (standby mode)
Power consumption Water production: 500W Water production + cooling: 650W
Operating environment 10~35°C Relative temperature: 30~90%
Water production 18L per day (approximately) *Humidity: 60% Temperature: 27°C
Noise Below 55 dB
Fan speed switch The noise level can be reduced by lowering the speed of the heat exchanger fan.
Fan speed: High/Low
Sanitization device Ion generator, Dedicated filter
Water level management Sensors in water production tank and water cooler tank

Developing the KuSui

Create safe drinking water, anywhere,
This is MIZUHA’s basic principle.

The idea was to create a mechanism to produce drinking water from the moisture in the atmosphere.The challenge was to prevent bacteria from developing.Creating safe, bacteria-free drinking water was the objective for developing KuSui.

Development model

This model creates waterdrops through heat exchange and uses MIZUHA’s original ion exchange system to sterilize the water for drinking.Ion exchange enables the water to be self-sterilizing.Tests were repeatedly carried out to see long the sterility could be maintained.

Prototype for mass production

This model was aimed to generate more water through heat exchange and to further improve water quality.A product designer was appointed to design a machine that is easy to use and visually appealing.The design was reexamined in addition to function.The size, weight, and noise level, which had been designed according to the size of the heat exchanger, were factors that needed revision.

*Satisfies the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s 26 criteria for potable water.

Mass production model

This is the remodeled version with functions reconstructed for mass production.The ion exchanger and the filter for the air inlet was redesigned, further enhancing water quality.
A smaller heat exchanger was implemented and the machine redesigned to reduce size.
A new function featuring a standard/quiet mode helps reduce the noise level.enabling installation in households. The carbon filter that must be replaced regularly was converted in to cartridgs,simplifyng the upkeep.

[Old specification] Nov. 2019 - Newly improved MIZUHA KuSui

KuSui has become even more user-friendly, with an improved faucet position and the new hassle-free filter replacement system. The heat exchanger—the very heart of the machine—has also been updated.

Carbon Filter

(Cartridge filter/Made in Japan)

Carbon filter replacement system to enhance the taste of the water.

Air Purification Filter

(Cartridge filter/Made in Japan)

Air purification filter effective against PM2.5.

Newly designed Heat Exchanger

(Made in Japan)

Redesigned heat exchanger with reduced wind noise and overall noise level.

[Old specification] MIZUHA KuSui M-AWG-003 Ver. 2020
with Tandem Sanitization System

In 2020, the water circulation around the machine and within the tanks was revised for improved sanitization, providing users with water that is safer than ever.
The new "Tandem Sanitization System" was also introduced, where ion exchange units are placed inside both the upper and lower tanks, for enhanced sanitization.
Now the water is continua.

[Latest specification] MIZUHA KuSui M-AWG-003 Ver.2022